More to Come in 2013!

Hey Ho Peeps!

Well, it certainly has been a while since my last post, which was I believe this time in 2012! Absolutely shocking that I can avoid WordPress for that amount of time!

Anyway, I hope you all had a fantastic 2012 (It was great to meet some of you again in 2012!) and a brilliant Christmas and New Year!

2013, for me, is the year for change, as I’m more determined than ever to do what I want to do. So brace yourselves, as I will be producing projects for 2013 that have been in the works for quite some time…I am of course referring to my Doctor Who Fan-Series! Which will start off with Matt Brown in the role of the 12th Doctor and Aimee Starkie in the role of the companion Alice Tyler (*NO RELATION/LINK TO ROSE TYLER, WHAT-SO-EVER!*) and then…Who knows? 2013 is of course the 50th year for Doctor Who, so that gives me more of a reason/determination to get my manly arse into gear, rev up the engines and get my Series filmed and broadcast! (There actually are some brilliant episodes coming up, including Episode 2 and the Series finale!).

Well, stay tuned for more posts and updates on how things are progressing in my world and some posts on subjects that have caught my interest.

Chow for now peeps!


Ryan xXx


Blog Posting Update

Hey everyone!

I seemed to have been straying away from writing blog posts, as I’ve really nothing to write about, well not of the interest of other people anyway. I would’ve wrote a piece about my thoughts, views and opinions on Jenna-Louise Coleman being appointed the new companion to the Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith, but…I didn’t.

On Saturday we travel to Cornwall for a family holiday, in which I will taking my River Song Journal to write down what we did day-to-day on the holiday. Upon our return on 21st Apriil, I shall write a blog post summing up our Cornwall holiday of 2012 and what we did etc…

There will be many more Blog posts coming soon, as I’ve got many projects planned (well sort of) which I will write about as they are slowly progressing to becoming something pyhsical.

Well, hope you are all well!

Lots of Love


Ryan xXx

What Will You Change In 2012?

2012 has finally arrived! New Year and new beginnings. But what will you change in your life this year?
Many people make New Year’s resolutions, which can be an individual/multiple things that you want to achieve in the New Year, whether it’s for someone else or whether it’s a personal achievement/goal. They can be from something as small as saving up money for a new game etc, or something big like a car or a holiday or even a place of your own.
There are plenty of people who do have a New Year’s resolutions and they really do mean to keep to their word, but you find some people often give up half way through or even right at the beginning because they struggle to really understand the changes they want to make in their life and if they really want to do it or not, or they just can’t be bothered.

New Year’s resolutions are not things you do for fun, they are serious things that you write down in a note book or type on a computer, after some serious thought/consideration. If you are planning on making some new year’s resolutions, my advice is this:

. Get a notebook/pen

. Sit down in a quiet room in your house, with a cup of tea and make sure NOBODY disturbs you!!

. Think of several ways/things, you could do to make your life better, whether it will be a personal goal eg; Start driving lessons, College, University, getting a job etc… and then write it down in your notebook or type it up on your computer and re-read it over and over and over again

. For this to properly work, you will need to really want to do this, you have to make yourself believe that you are capable of doing it by re-reading what you wrote/typed down, otherwise it won’t work.

One of the key points in succeeding with your New Year’s resolutions is belief! You must believe in yourself, convince yourself you are strong, reliable, confident, and happy and most importantly convince yourself you can do absolutely ANYTHING, if you sit down and think about it and put your mind to it.
In the past I’ve made some new year’s resolutions, but I found myself struggling a lot. However this year, I have new goals, that I WILL do, because I know I am capable, I know I have will-power and I know I have absolute belief, that I can really do this! The things I hope to achieve this year are:
Start driving lessons by the summer (doesn’t mean I’ll wait until the summer to start, it means to have started driving lessons by then)
Begin filming my Doctor Who Fan-Series Specials and broadcast them on YouTube
By next Christmas to have given up smoking completely!
So what will you change in your life this year? Remember:


I wish you all the very best of luck in achieving your goals and I hope that the New Year brings you every happiness that you deserve.
Lots of Love

As One Door Closes…Another Must Open

I suppose this would be a great time to start my new blogs posts, as we all say goodbye to 2011 and welcome 2012!

I sit here typing this blog, reflecting on events in my life throughout 2011 that I shall never forget, good times, happy times, fun times and the not so good times. Unfortunately we all must suffer heartbreak, pain and upset because it’s all part of life and the events that we must live to get us through and move on. I personally suffered one of the biggest heartbreaks, since October 2009, in May 2011. So here it goes, my story of heartbreak…

As you all know I am in a relationship with Sarah and have been for just over three years, and they had been three of the happiest years of my life and that I must stress. But in mid-May, we hit rock bottom. Sarah and I, only saw one another at weekends, mostly on Sundays, which personally to me isn’t enough. The pain of not seeing her as often I would like, was building up for a good few months and just that one time a small spec of a time bomb, exploded inside my head and I suddenly found myself sending a heart-breaking text message to the girl that I loved, the girl I would die for,…the text said “I’ve been thinking about us and how often we see each other and to be honest it’s getting me down that we only see each other once a week…I think we should just be friends”, the reply I received was “Ok, if that’s what you want”.

It suddenly dawned on me, that I made the biggest mistake of my life and let go of the girl that means the world to me, I let my anger and annoyance get the better of me, which I should never of done. I then went into zombie mode and sat down and I looked back on when we first met and all the fun and happy times we shared together over the 3 years, shopping, cinema, meals and watching Derren Brown: Svengali. It was when I started to remember those times, that I shed a tear. I thought to myself, the times we had together were too precious to let go, and that it didn’t matter if we see each other once a week, the love that we have is strong enough to survive that. But I was wrong.

I decided to phone Sarah, that night the text was sent, and apologise for my hasty actions and I explained how much I love her and how much she meant to me, but then from the tone of her voice, I could tell she was upset, heartbroken and angry with what happened a few minutes previously. I begged and I begged, but still Sarah didn’t know what she wanted at that moment, so we agreed to meet up the following Wednesday and talk things through face-to-face and decide what’s best for the both of us.

To cut a long story short, Wednesday come along and we sat side-by-side, in the garden, as it was a nice sunny day. We each expressed our feelings and views on our relationship and the issues we have and whether or not we could over-come the obstacles standing in our way. After much discussion, we both decided that breaking up was for the best and that we should just be friends. Before Sarah left my house, we stood on the doorstep and then we embraced for what was to be the “final time” and I said I hoped that she can find happiness with another guy. Saying that to her ripped my heart into a thousand pieces, as deep down I wanted her, she was the only girl for me and I was the only guy for her and to be honest I couldn’t bear the thought of another guy holding my girl, the love of my life… but that was where it ended…

A couple of days later, after much crying, we were continuing to text each other. Then  I found myself thinking and deciding that letting go of the girl that I truly loved with all the shining stars in the universe, would be a bloody big mistake, as I realized that when I’m with Sarah, she makes my life complete and makes it worth living. When texting, we spoke from deep within our hearts, and came to the conclusion that the three years we had, were far too precious to throw away, it was then, that night…our love was reunited and we continued our relationship, as we knew that the love that we had was strong enough to survive anything. So we celebrated our 3 year anniversary in July, celebrating our fourth in 2012. We are now both very happy and we take as much time as we can to see each other, as neither of us want to suffer what we suffered those few days again.

On a happier note, the best memory of 2011 was in November, when I attended Memorabilia at the NEC in Birmingham. It was something I had never done before, due to money problems, but I soon found myself getting up at 5:30am on 19th November and sitting in the car by 6:30am, making a journey to an experience in which I would never forget.

Upon my arrival I was reunited with Sam Woodhall and Matthew Chambers. As soon as I stepped foot into the hall, I felt like a six-year old boy in a sweet shop, not knowing which way to turn, as I was overwhelmed by lots of people in various costumes from well-known and popular films and TV Shows, such as Alien vs. Predator, Freddy vs. Jason, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Doctor Who…I could go on forever, but I won’t, because there’s not enough time in the world.

So there we were Sam, Matt, Katie and I and many more old and new friends, standing in the entrance of the Memorabilia hall, there were many directions in which we could turn, but we decided against heading down the middle, so we started out by walking round the edge of the hall. As we walked we were talking, laughing, joking and talking about old times, but for me…it was different, I was happy to be with my friends, however I only had one mission…to find and buy a vortex manipulator! So…the hunt begun!

As we strolled around, my eyes were wide-open, keeping alert of any sign of a stall in which sold Doctor Who Memorabilia. Then we turned a corner and there it was…a Doctor Who stall! I started towards it with excitement, wallet at the ready, looking for a vortex manipulator and I saw one, but then I saw the price and thought it was best not to buy it, as I wouldn’t have any money for autographs from the stars we were about to meet. The first star we met was Kai Owen from Torchwood. We queued up, Matt was holding my camera and I was smiling with happiness as I was about to meet an actor from one of my favourite shows! So anyway, photo-time…myself and Kai stood side-by-side, arms round our shoulders, smiling with joy for the camera and then…*MWAH*! Kai plants one straight on my left cheek (I must point out, the left cheek on my face and not on my buttocks)…then my smile widened…”YES!” I exclaimed. So yes, the first famous person I met at my first Memorabilia, and I had a kiss from, and from a non-gay perspective, it was amazing!

So as the day went on I met more stars including: John Challis, Sue Holderness, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Paul Barber, Nick Stringer, Frances Barber, Derek Jacobi, Colin Baker and Ian McNeice. On the second day, we were joined by the Powell Sisters (Katherine and Alex) Michelle and Lucy, who together make DrWhoFilmers (on YouTube).

Again we met more celebrities, including Arthur Darvill who plays Rory in Doctor Who. The day went on and decided to have a photo shoot outside the TARDIS! I was stood in the doorway of the TARDIS (not often I get a chance to say that!!!), with Sam, Katherine, Alex, Lucy, Michelle, Max and K9 in front. As I stand there, I looked at each of my friends, and thought myself lucky, at having such wonderful and inspirational friends, whom I will love forever.

But then the time come to depart company, we first said goodbye to DrWhoFilmers (it’s easier saying that than typing each name lol), then before I knew it, the weekend, that I had been looking forward to for many months before, had come to an end.

As I thought about that weekend, I said to myself, this is never goodbye, it’s just farewell as one day friends will be reunited once more!


So there we have it, my two memories of 2011, which I shall never forget, not even when I’m packed away in a nursing home, drooling over my checked PJ’s and slippers!

2011 has been and gone, as quick as it takes for a light to come on. At the end of each year, I think about what next year will bring us and whether or not my life will take new turn that may well be the step towards a brighter future.

My goals of 2011, were to complete scripting my Doctor Who Fan Series, which I done, get a new job with decent money, which I also got. I couldn’t possibly be any happier now, I have an amazing family, lovely and brilliant friends and the loveliest girlfriend I could ever have! Life now…is rolling!

Well I suppose by now, you’ve yawned on average, about 4-8 times reading this post, so I shall pain you no longer.

As we say farewell to 2011, I would like to thank all my friends who have given me and showed me support throughout my difficult times this year and that I will always be grateful for everything they have done for me.

And so this is it…goodbye 2011 and hello 2012!

Love You All Very Much



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‘As One Door Closes…Another Must Open’ – *Preview Extract*

Below is a preview from my upcoming blog post ‘As One Door Closes…Another Must Open’

So there we were, myself, Sam, Matt, Katie and many more old and new friends, standing in the entrance of the Memorabilia hall, there were many directions in which we could turn, but we decided against heading down the middle, so we started out by walking round the edge of the hall. As we walked we were talking, laughing, joking and talking about old times, but for me…it was different, I was happy to be with my friends, however I only had one mission…to find and buy a vortex manipulator! So…the hunt begun!

COMING ON 31st December!


Hi Guys and thank you for taking time in visiting my new Blog post website.

I will start doing my Blog posts as of 1st January 2012. They will vary between personal life, feelings and any other particular subject, that I feel the need to write about.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure you all have a million and one things to do, so you best pop off and return soon!

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